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Bishop Feehan Athletics

Home of the Shamrocks!


Bishop Feehan Athletics

Home of the Shamrocks!

Bishop Feehan Athletics

Home of the Shamrocks!

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Pre-Participation Exams

PPE Intake Forms 2018.doc

Pre-participation exam intake form - CARE New England.

Pre-Participation Exams - Parental Consent

PPE Parent Consent Forms.doc

Parental consent form for PPE.

University Orthopedics - Fall Pre-Participation Exams


Automatic Notification - Big Teams

Big Teams Autmoatic Notification for Parents (2)2.pdf

Step-by-step for Big Teams Automated Alerts


IMPORTANT: New this year is Family ID. Any student planning to try out for any sport must be registered through Family ID. This site manages all medical, emergency and contact information. It also contains the Permission to Participate form. Please check to make sure that your most recent physical is less than 13 months old. This must be submitted to the Athletic Department, attention: Donna Paulhus . Questions or problems regarding registering with Family ID should go to Donna Paulhus at

Required Concussion Courses for Students and Parents
HEAD INJURY/CONCUSSION LAW Massachusetts law requires that schools certify that they have provided access to and recorded the compliance of parents and students to the completion of approved safety education programs relating to head injuries and concussions. Students will be unable to participate in athletics if parent and student do not complete: Parents must disclose to the school and its coaches and moderators any head injury the student has suffered prior to any and all sports season in which the student participates. Such disclosure will be made when a student registers on the FAMILY ID website - they also provide a link to the course. *Parents unable to access this site on-line MUST acquire printed materials from the school and sign the same and return it to the athletic department. Bishop Feehan Athletics are governed by the rules and policies of the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (M.I.A.A.) and those of the school as they are published and from time to time posted or announced. Evaluation and Treatment Should that evaluation suggest that the student-athlete has sustained a concussion the individual must not be allowed to return to play and must be referred to a physician for further evaluation and treatment. Should that evaluation determine that the individual has suffered a concussion; a course of treatment including a progressive rehabilitation regime must be completed before a return to play. Certification of return to play signed by physician must precede such return. Such certification must be endorsed by the trainer to allow this return to play.